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Tiered Discount Pricing


As you already know, our team members at Glass Bottle Outlet are always looking for ways to serve our customers better. Lately, we have been brainstorming about how we can save all our customers money from individuals that buy our products for personal use or start-ups, to companies big and small who are looking to improve their bottom line. To that end, we are excited to announce that team GBO has decided to replace the free shipping promotion with a tiered discount program, rewarding everyone that shops with us! With this new program, we can help every person and company using our website get the best prices possible!

This new discount program will help our customers in two ways:

  • First, as you buy more and grow your company you can clearly see how you will save in the future. This also helps new companies save on start-up costs!

  • Second, by using the discounts to lower your purchase total, you won’t have to buy in bulk to save money!


Amount Spent Discount Received Discount Code
$50-74.99 3% 3%OFF
$75-149.99 7% 7%OFF
$150-299.99 12% 12%OFF
$300-499.99 16% 16%OFF
$500-999.99 22% 22%OFF
$1000-2499.99 26% 26%OFF
$2500-4999.99 30% 30%OFF


For orders over $5000 contact customer service for discounted bulk pricing.
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